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We providing power system studies for quite different applications. We cover complete Grid Code Compliance Studies for connection of renewable energy sources, e.g. Wind Park, PV Park, etc. including Steady-state analysis, Dynamic Stability, Power Quality and Harmonic. We provide Generation, Distribution and Transmission Master Plan for electrical grid. The following services are covering by us:

  • Grid Code Compliance Study
  • Power Quality Improvement
  • Harmonic Mitigation and Filter Design
  • Insulation Coordination Study
  • Overvoltage Mitigation Study, e.g. Surge Arrester, RC-protective, Synchronous switch
  • Micro Grid Feasibility Study and Component Sizing
  • Protection Coordination Study


Our Products

Grid Connection Study
Power Quality
Insulation Coordination
Protection Coordination
Power System Design

The place where you’ll get the perfect solution for your power system.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

 Frequency and Voltage Stability

Protection Coordination,

System Reliability

Motor Starting

 Cable Sizing

Earthing Study

HVAC and HVDC System

Transient Sts

FACTS Application

Harmonic Study and Filter Design

Insulation Coordination Study

Switching Study


Grid Code Compliance Study

Power Quality

Dynamic Simulation Study

Rapid Voltage Change

Harmonic and Flicker Study

Insulation Coordination Study

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